Rangoli Designs


Rangoli is an ancient form of art which is famous since many centuries. The art of rangoli making is a unique hand work which is generally followed in the Indian tradition. The meaning of the term rangoli literally means row of colours as we can say beautiful different colours in a single patch of a rangoli. This rangoli is basically drawn outside the house using different colours and rice powder. The rangoli which is made outside the entrance truly signifies the hospitality and respect to the guests. Another kind of a rangoli which is famous in the south India is a rangoli made up of rice paste. It’s quite famous there and most houses and temples stick to this type or rangoli in south India.

One can see people decorating their houses during various festivals and apart from that there are many people who decorate their house by drawing rangoli on a daily basis. Each state has his own way of drawing rangoli designs some might be bright and colourful while some are simple and elegant. For all traditional rituals and ceremonies rangoli is drawn as it holds an important position. This rangoli is drawn by women and girls by using their fingers. As said earlier different states have their own form of rangoli design the same way the names of rangoli’s too differ. In south India it is referred to as “kolam” in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra it is been given the name “rangoli” in the state of Rajasthan it’s called as “mandana” and in the states of west Bengal and Assam its known as “alpana”


The different rangoli patterns truly depict the culture of their land. It is an art of floor painting and does need talent. This rangoli has gained immense popularity since the many years because of which every house hold tries to follow this tradition.