Free Hand Rangoli Designs">

Rangoli is drawn in almost every Indian house hold as it’s a tradition which is been followed since many years. Though the rangoli design looks very simple and neat it does have a certain technique and requires good skill. Rangoli’s are free hand designs and starts from a small dot and continues to become a wide beautiful design. One can see motifs of floral designs and geometrical figures in Hindu tradition rangoli. As it is a free hand design it’s a mixture of crooked lines, circles, stars or other random shapes.
It’s indeed interesting to watch people draw rangoli’s filled with bright colours. One can draw random designs and if they want to draw something creative then they draw several types of images like lotus, creepers, sun-rise sun- set etc. generally the rangoli of goddess laxmi’s footsteps is seen in the door step of people’s house as it is considered to be a symbol of prosperity.
Free hand rangoli can also be drawn with the help of liquid rice powder paste. The only disadvantage in using this is the surface has to be completely dry and once you start drawing you cannot rub because as you rub the white patches remain on the floor.
Professionals often prefer free hand rangoli’s they go on making random curves and lines which comes out to be an excellent design. Those people who are not comfortable with drawing free hand rangoli with the help of dry rice powder can use white and colourful chalks to draw rangoli designs. However the true beauty of rangoli lies in the rangoli powder only as it has its own charm. Some designs are quite old which have been followed since many generations thus, during a family function or a ritual people prefer the traditional rangoli design.">

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