Flower Rangoli Designs


The art of Rangoli is very traditional and popular in India. It is an art where the floors are painted with beautiful patterns and various colours. These designs are mainly drawn free hand and then colours are filled in it. The colours which are used in the designs are eye catching and are very bright. The patterns of Rangoli are different in different regions.

Rangoli is very attractive in all the states; be it modern, made with flowers, powdered colour or traditional. Many people find the flower Rangoli designs very attractive. These flower Rangoli designs look very fresh, soothing and attractive. Flowers of various colours are used for the creation of various intricate flower Rangoli designs. The art of flower Rangoli designs has its origins in Kerala, which is a southern State in India and it is rightly known as God’s Own Country. These flower Rangoli designs have become very common in each and every part of India. One can find beautiful and superb flower Rangoli designs in weddings and also during various Indian festivals. Rangolis are very well decorated with flowers during the festival of Diwali, which is an important festival of India.

Rangolis are traditionally created on the ground or floors using natural vegetable dyes or coloured rice powder. However, flower Rangoli designs have become the latest trends. Red flowers for the decoration of Rangolis are becoming people’s favourite these days. Some of these flowers are reusable too.

Many petals of flowers like marigold petals, rose petals, purple paper flowers, grass leaves, methi leaves and finely cut greens are also used for filling up very large flower Rangoli designs. Strings of Jasmine, Kanakambara and marigold are used for outlining flower Rangoli designs. Pink, white and saffron coloured flowers are the top choices for flower Rangoli designs.



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