Easy Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is known as the most traditional and art form of India. It makes use of sand painting decoration and also uses colors and ground white powder. There are many easy rangoli designs which can be drawn beautifully by beginners. The rangoli patterns and designs are taken from nature like swans, peacocks, flowers etc. Usually, themes are incorporated easy rangoli designs in order to increase the attractiveness and charm. There are many themes which keep on changing as the festivals change. The most common themes in easy rangoli designs are Swastika, Lighted Deepak, Mangal Kalash, Om, lotus, Shree etc. Other themes include butterflies, creepers, flowers etc.

The easy rangoli designs depend a lot on the usage of materials that are used for creation. Years back, Indigo, leaves, and bark of trees were used for deriving the colors. But nowadays, one can easily find all the colors in the market. For easy rangoli designs, usually colored sand is used. But for bigger and complex rangoli designs, usually colored stones are added for increasing the beauty and charm. The use of flower petals makes even the easy rangoli designs very beautiful and attractive. These flower petals may include marigold, jasmine, rose petals, and leaves. This makes the easy rangoli designs a combination of art, divinity, fragrance, and freshness.

Most of the easy rangoli designs include geometrical figures like rectangles, circles, and squares. Then the incorporation of various themes is done in these figures. There are many templates and easy rangoli designs available online. One can refer them and make beautiful designs. However, innovation and imagination also matter a lot. There are many books too which have many easy rangoli designs in them. People can refer that too and make superb designs in the outdoors of their houses.