Rangoli Pattern

The term rangoli is taken from the Indian words rangoli and avalli which literally means row of colours. Rangoli is and Indian form of art work which has been a part and parcel of traditional Indian women. Rangoli is not only made outside houses but it’s also made inside and outside shrines, courtyards, grounds and in places of traditional rituals. The rangoli pattern is basically made using geometrical figures. During the earlier days rangoli was a design which only women and ladies used to make but now a day’s one can see many male rangoli artist who make lovely impressive rangoli’s.

For a professional artist it just takes a few minutes to draw a big wide rangoli design. Any person can become a professional in this field the only he needs to have is good creativity and drawing skills. Rangoli making is quite similar to drawing the only difference is rangoli’s are drawn on floor either with rice powder or with rice paste. Both the styles are unique and add beauty in its own way. The rangoli made of rice paste does not have any colour hence to make it look colour full you can add some colours on the rice paste and then start drawing the rangoli. You could use bright colours as it will look good in combination with white.

If you are looking for good patterns on rangoli you could probably buy a rangoli design book. That book consists of designs which are followed in different states of India. Also there are simple and complicated design patterns available in that rangoli pattern book. This book is specially designed for learners as it will be convenient for them to look and draw. Also there are rangoli pattern papers available which you can use as the paper already has a design made on it and you need to just draw rangoli on top of it with the help of the rice powder.