Rangoli Designs

Rangoli making is a unique art work which is been followed in every part of India. The Hindu mythology states that rangoli is made outside the house to keep evil spirits away. There are so many different rangoli designs which one can see during the festival period. A rangoli design basically consists of various patterns and designs. It starts with one dot and then spreads all around in different shapes and variations. These days rangoli designing has become a profession and there are many professional rangoli artists who can make a wide rangoli design within minutes.

A rangoli design can either be simple or too complicated but, it looks beautiful either ways. The main thing which adds beauty to the rangoli is its vibrant colours which are similar to that of the rainbow. Drawing a rangoli design needs good creativity and it’s indeed fun to watch how all women draw rangoli’s of different types. Apart from random rangoli designs there are some rangoli designs which are theme specific. They stick to a particular theme and go on drawing.

Every drawing starts with a basic shape which is either circle or square. The same shapes are seen while drawing rangoli. Few common rangoli designs are that of swastika and goddess laxmi’s feet. This design is usually drawn at the door entrance. The main thing which one should keep in mind while drawing a rangoli design is the lines should not be broken and must be joint with each other in a perfect flow. Only then the beauty of the rangoli will be appreciated.
Rangoli design with colour fillings always look amazing but those rangoli’s which are made with rice paste does not have any colour in them. Thus, to make it look attractive you could either add some colour to the paste or decorate it with flowers and lamps around the rangoli.